How to Factory Reset IOmega StorCenter ix4-200d

Updated on August 18, 2015
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You can reset the StorCenter by holding the reset button on the back panel for 15 seconds. The status light on the front panel will blink red once the reset process has started. If the StorCenter was properly reset you will be required to reperform the Initial Configuration steps.

Resetting the StorCenter will return the device name, administrator password, date/time, network settings and email notifications to their default setting. Users, groups, and shares will not be affected by the reset with the exception that administrator users will be reset to non-administrator status. When you reconfigure the box you can enter the name of an existing user in the Administrator field and administrator privileges will be restored for that user.

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How to Factory Reset IOmega StorCenter ix4-200d

1- High-Speed USB 2.0 Connectors: Supports devices such as USB storage devices and printers. The StorCenter Server is capable of sharing 3 USB printers and 3 USB storage devices with other systems on your network.

2- Gigabit Ethernet: This model includes high-speed ethernet connectors that will automatically detect your network speed (10/100/1000Base-T).

3- Factory Reset Button: Hold the RESET button for four seconds to return to factory defaults. All settings will be lost.

4- Power Connector: Plug the power cord into this connector and a UPS.

  • ladiko

    i wrote a tutorial how to unbrick a totally wiped ix4:

  • angel muñoz

    Hello i need to know if i apply the Factory Reset Button, All settings will be lost, but the information of my Hd. all my files. i will lost or not?


    • Factory Reset returns all settings to factory defaults.

      Preserve users and folders: to return all settings to factory defaults.

      Quickly delete all data: permanently deletes all record of existing or deleted data, users, and passwords.

      Securely delete all data: overwrites all drives with random data, permanently erasing all data on the drives.

  • Vipul


    I have iomega nas drive of the same model, we have put it in powered off state for more than six months now I need it and thus powered it on but i cannot see it’s IP Address on the screen. The drive was configured already earlier prior to put it in powered of state.

  • Mosab Bawadi

    faced the problem in the Iomega Storge, I Formated all hard disk from command line , I connect it to my network to configure it , the Iomega taken the IP address ,but when I try to connect it from my browser I have enable security page I filled all parameter and press apply the I have the Message below
    (Storage must be available before you can use this feature.)

  • i am using Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d, I can access the console page, but user name and password not accepting.(Active directory). How to login and get back the data.

    • Try default passwords
      User name: ADMIN
      Pasword: ADMIN

      username and password are case sensitive

  • Bas

    Hello Ceyhun Kirmizitas
    Did you mean after reset by button that all data will be lost?

    Hello all

    Who used to reset this button? very please to tell me. The data will be lost, won’t it?

    Thank you so much

    @Ceyhun Kirmizitas

  • Bas

    @Ceyhun Kirmizitas
    What is the default of IP and hostname?

    • Marco Mantuano

      Nobody answer the default IP…

      • Chaitu Chows

        HI i was facing issue like booting problem NETGEAR NAS 10040 ( out of memory +330) error, Can u please give me idea to resolve the issue.

  • Yaseen

    hello guy,
    if u r about to reset the device, u don’t have to worry about DATA,
    because nothing will be changed on ur saved DATA,
    the only things will resets on iomega is ur setting program like
    username & password , any backup seting, iscsi setting, etc

    thank u…………………

  • Chaitu Chows

    HI i was facing issue like booting problem NETGEAR NAS 10040 ( out of memory +330) error, Can u please give me idea to resolve the issue.