How to Install IBM x3850 X5 Intel 82576 and 82580 Gigabit Ethernet Controller on VMware ESXi 4x and ESX 4x

Updated on March 15, 2019
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The IBM x3850 X5 server is a nice machine. This particular IBM x3850 X5 came with IBM I340-T4 Network Adapters, however they weren’t being detected by VMware ESXi 4x. The NICs are supported by vmware but drivers aren’t included by default on the ESXi media. You need to manually download the driver packages from VMWare, and inject the driver into ESXi/ESX in order to utilize the NICs. These NICs can be ordered with any IBM System x Server, so you can run into this issue on anything from an IBM x3250 through to an IBM x3950.

Driver Install Process:

1- Download the ESX/ESXi 4.x Driver CD for Intel 82576 and 82580 Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Then, mount the ISO, extract the driver bundle from the ” offline-bundle ” folder.

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2- Upload ” “file to the ESX/ESXi local datastore.

3- Enter Maintanance mode via vSphere client

4- Enable SSH and then Log in to ESX/ESXi server via SSH client.

5- Go to the datasore where you uploaded the ” ”

6-  Run ” esxupdate update – ” command there.

7- Reboot ESX/ESXi server.

8- Exit Maintanance Mode.

IBM I340 T4 Network-Adapters VMware ESXi