How to Perform Dial Tone Recovery in Exchange Server 2010 with Windows Server Backup

Updated on February 14, 2019
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What is Exchange Dial Tone Recovery?

Exchange 2010 has many updated and efficient features, which make it a very popular email server, but these useful features do not reduce the chances of data loss. Therefore, a need of a reliable recovery plan is always on the priority, during any disaster. Exchange offers an inbuilt feature to recover Exchange database, named dial tone portability.

Using dial tone recovery, users can have a temporary mailbox for sending and receiving email while their original mailbox is being restored or repaired. The temporary mailbox can be on the same Exchange 2010 Mailbox server or on any other Exchange 2010 Mailbox server in your organization. The process for using dial tone portability is called a dial tone recovery, which involves creating an empty database on a Mailbox server to replace a failed database.

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In this demo, we perform Exchange Server 2010 Dial Tone Recovery using Windows Server Backup tool.

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