I get a “Page cannot be Displayed” or a “Bad Gateway” error when I attempt to access StorCenter Manager Iomega ix4-200d

Updated on February 7, 2019
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Iomega ix4200d Front View This error is caused by the proxy settings currently enabled for your web browser. To resolve this issue, please follow the steps for your browser:
Internet Explorer:

1- Open Internet Explorer.
2- From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
3- Select the Connections Tab.
4- Select the LAN Settings button.
If you have a proxy server enabled, either:

Select Bypass proxy server for local addresses.


Un-check the Use a proxy server for your LAN checkbox.

1- Open Mozilla.
2- From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
3- From the Advanced category, select Proxies.
If you have a manual proxy server configured, either:

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Add the IP address you find in StorCenter Manager to the No Proxy for list. See How do I find the device’s IP address?


Select Direct connection to the internet.