Install and Configure VSFTPD FTP Server – RHEL 6 – CentOS 6

Updated on May 21, 2017
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Install and Configure VSFTPD FTP Server – RHEL 6 – CentOS 6 When you think of transferring files, you probably think of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) because it has been around for so long. While simple to use, FTP has become obsolete because it lacks the ability for secure file transfers.

vsftpd (Very Secure File Transport Protocol Daemon) is a secure, fast FTP server for Unix/Linux systems.

This video  tutorial shows you how to install and configure vsftpd FTP server in CentOS 6.x. Though the steps provided here are tested in CentOS 6.x, it should work on RHEL 6.x.

How to Install and Configure VSFTPD FTP Server on RHEL and CentOS

1. Install vsftpd
yum install vsftpd

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2. Enable vsftpd service
chkconfig vsftpd on

3. Start vsftpd service
service vsftpd start

4. Check ftp port
netstat -ntl | grep 21

5. Test ftp server access
FTP server is running and anonymous access is enabled by default

6. Disable anonymous access
Edit /etc/vsftd/vsftpd.conf

7. Enable dual logging
It created /var/log/vsftpd.log file which uses vsftpd log format

8. Enable server time for display of files and directories

  • jonh

    Nice tutorial, help me lot

    With this article i found one more article that may be helpful for someone else

  • Ozgur

    Hocam çok güzel anlatmışşsınız
    Çok teşekkür ederim
    Benim test sisteminde sadece root olduğu için işler biraz karıştı)))
    (hiç bilmeyenler için) şöyle bir ek yapsak tam olur sanırım
    Edit the files /etc/vsftpd.ftpusers and /etc/vsftpd.user_list and remove the ?root? line from each file.