Installing Arch Linux 2013.05.01 + KDE 4 in VMware Workstation 9

Updated on March 7, 2019
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What is Arch Linux?
Arch Linux is an independently developed general purpose GNU/Linux distribution. Development focuses on simplicity, minimalism. Arch Linux was founded by Canadian programmer Judd Vinet. Its first formal release, Arch Linux 0.1, was on March 11, 2002. Although Arch is completely independent, it draws inspiration from the simplicity of other distributions including Slackware and BSD.

Arch Linux is one of my favorite GNU/Linux distributions, however it is not as easy to install as are other Linux distributions.

In this video tutorial, we will see how to Install step-by-step Arch Linux 2013.05.01 + KDE 4.10 in VMware Workstation 9.0.2

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