Linux Certification: Pass only 2 exams then get Comptia Linux+, LPI LPIC-1, Novell CLA and Novell DCTS

Updated on November 21, 2017
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I passed the 2 CompTIA Linux+ exams. Both tests were pretty straight forward. CompTIA says: ?CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI is a high-stakes, vendor-neutral certification that validates the fundamental knowledge and skills required of junior Linux administrators.?

At the start of each test, CompTIA asks you, the test taker, if you want the score report forwarded to LPI to count towards their LPIC-1 certification. I checked yes on both. Since passing the 2 Linux+ exams automatically qualifies you for the Linux Professional Institute?s LPIC-1.

1- Register as a candidate with LPI. This is free. You will get an LPI ID number. Do this BEFORE you take the CompTIA Linux+ exams.
2- Schedule your CompTIA Linux+ exams.
3- At the beginning of each exam, make sure you select ?Forward my scores to LPI.?

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LPI is notified quickly- It took 2 days for CompTIA to award Linux+after I passed the exams and LPI sent me notice of LPIC-1 on the same day.

4- Go to the Novell CLA registration form.  You?ll need your LPI  ID and other info from the LPI  Candidate Area.  Fill out the form.  Once you hit submit, you will immediately get a welcome email.  It takes a  day or two to see the new certification at Novell.

That?s it!  Pretty easy.  So by passing the 2 CompTIA Linux+ exams, you qualify for FOUR Linux certifications: Comptia Linux+, LPI LPIC-1, Novell CLA, and Novell DCTS.  Do them in this order:  Comptia Linux+, then LPIC-1, then Novell CLA and Novell Data Center Technical Specialist (DCTS)

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Comptia Linux+ LPI LPIC-1   Novell Certified Linux Administrator - novell_cla Novell Data Center Specialist - Novell DCTS

  • safou

    goooood news, i have just saw this on LPI facebook page, but you explained it in a great way, i have 2 questions plz:
    1- when exactly i should click on “yes” in the exam screen, i mean do they ask you that question within the exam review questions? or when exactly?
    2- how much time it would take from me to prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ since i don’t have any pre-experience with Linux just installing it 😀
    but i can study 4h a day during 5days a week, so how much time do you think i have to spend to take the Linux+?
    Thank you!