VMware vSphere 5 features a new ESXi firewall

Updated on March 11, 2019
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VMware vSphere 5 features a new ESXi firewall that you can configure though the vSphere Client or command line. The addition brings a feature to ESXi 5 that was previously found only in the recently discontinued ESX hypervisor. VMware argued that ESXi didn’t require a firewall, because the lightweight hypervisor had hardly any services or ports open, leaving it with almost nothing to attack. I believe VMware added a firewall to ESXi 5 for few reasons. With a firewall, ESXi 5 isn’t missing a notable feature found in the old ESX Server. Also, a firewall signals to customers and partners that VMware is committed to security. And finally, vSphere 5 is just as secure as before, if not more so.

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Five things to know about the ESXi 5 firewall

  1. It?s a stateless firewall based on ESXi services.
  2. It?s enabled by default.
  3. It sits between the ESXi host management interface and the management network on the local area network.
  4. It?s configurable through the vSphere Client. Go to Host Configuration > Software > Security Profile.
  5. It?s also configurable via the vSphere Management Assistance or directly to the